10.05.05 HAPPY B-DAY, Jope!!

18.03.05 website ver.5.0

i'm still trying to find the ultimate variant of design :) this one is based on the cover art of Sing Of Demise made by Tonmi.
as usually the site is optimized for IE 5.0+ and screen resolution 800x600 or 1024x768. The previous version is still avaliable. Use this link to get there or the link in the bottom part of the page, by the way you can find there some extra information for instance about related bands, etc.

01.02.05 HATEFRAME got signed!!

Hateframe finally got signed. For the details check out - the official site of Rising Realm Records
The album is comin' out on 21 of March (in Finland).

26.01.05 HAPPY B-DAY, ILKKA!!

07.12.04 HATEFRAME v. 4.1

hallo, everybody! well, some changes again. i modified the structure a bit, added some files and info.
finally i uploaded the gallery with the last promo shoot, by the way if you need the high quality version of these pics please go to, gallery section
also check out the cover art of Sign of Demise

03.11.04 Finally!! is now on-line!
as a result this site got to go through some changes. stay tuned!

25.10.04 HAPPY B-DAY, EZA!!

10.10.04 Line-up changes

the line-up had been changed again - Sami quited. The new vocalist was found really quicky - Ilkka is back! However all songs on the forthcoming album are perfomed by Sami on vocals.
One more song is avaliable for listening and downloading - Final Solution (external link).

and a bit of info about the site: the link will also bring you to this site. So if you find it easier to remember - use it!

09.09.04 HAPPY B-DAY, MARKO!!

08.09.04 HATEFRAME Website v. 4.0 on-line!

As usually all the latest news from the band, pics and the other stuff including the information about some related bands can be found here.
If you find some broken links [although I bet, you won't :)]
And stay tuned!

11.08.04 Jrisrock again

Click here (external link) to take a look at the brutal picture of HATEFRAME rocking in Suonenjoki!!
The set list was: all songs from the forthcoming album Sign Of Demise + Mandatory Suicide originally played by Slayer!

30.07.04 The album ...

The title song from the forthcoming album called Sign Of Demise is avaliable for listening and dowloading! Click here.

23.07.04 TONIGHT!!

20.07.04 Jrisrock

3 days before the gig! Check out the full bands list here.

27.06.04 The album ...

Great news! All recording for the new album are already finished. Mixing begins next week. Here is the full track list:

  • Warfare
  • Torment The Masses
  • The Perfect Hate
  • Crowned In Blood
  • Outburst
  • Revelation
  • Infection
  • Final Solution
  • Sign Of Demise
  • Feeding The Flame

16.06.04 Tonmi is back!!!

Tonmi is BACK IN HATEFRAME!!! It means he will play in Jris-Rock!
The band is recording full-length album. Some songs are called: CROWNED IN BLOOD, REVELATION, FEEDING THE FLAME, OUTBURST.
More news about the album are coming soon.

03.06.04 HAPPY B-DAY, TONMI!!

10.05.04 HAPPY B-DAY, JOPE!!

11.04.04 The website ...

The website has got new design again - enjoy!!!


HATEFRAME will play on friday 23rd of July at Jris-Rock Festival in Suonenjoki Finland. Check for other artists and schedule:
HateFrame has also written some great new material. Three new songs are finished. The guys will demo them as soon as possible.
New band's photo are coming soon.

24.02.04 Line-up is complete again!

HATAFRAME is currently rehearsing new material with new singer Sami Kujala and drummer Lauri "lasso" Viren (Eza's brother). They are also planning to re-record the vocals for the songs on the first demo to make it more up to date.

20.02.04 Changes

Tonmi has quited playing and left HATEFRAME!!! Ilkka the singer is not in the band anymore. It was his own decision to quit. The band have already found some candidates to be new drummer and singer but they have to test them firstly if they fit in the band.

13.02.04 Hello everyone!!

The last events made me totally rework the site. It was hard decision but I changed everything - this site is devoted only to HATEFRAME now. KEEP ON ROCKIN'!!

20.01.04 The site ...

... is open! enjoy!

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